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75 Fabulous Quotes About Libraries

Library Quotes A few days ago, while writing a blog post about public libraries, I decided to use a few quotes referencing libraries.  Searching for the perfect library quote, I quickly became distracted from all of the great quotes I found on [...]

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Top 100 Magazines For Libraries

Popular Magazines For Libraries We are often asked to provide sample lists of popular magazines for libraries of various types and sizes.  It's easy for us to pull data like this from our database to share with our customers.  It's also interesting to see [...]

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A Scary Thought For Libraries

Will you allow me to share an experience I had a few days ago at my local library?  It's kind of scary.... I walked into the library that's located in the community I live in and noticed what appeared to be a homeless lady working [...]

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12 Must Follow Library Instagram Accounts

Keep Your Patrons Connected With Instagram Have you ever noticed your patrons taking selfies in your library?  Of course you have!  Most likely many of those selfies will end up on some sort of social media site like Instagram or Snap Chat. Is your library [...]

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A Simplified Renewal Cycle

If you work in a public library, most likely you are approaching the time of year that your library works on the renewals for your magazine and periodical subscriptions.  For school libraries, many of you are hustling making last minute preparations before summer.   It's [...]

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Top Magazine Titles For Public Libraries

  We often get asked if we can provide a list of frequently ordered magazine titles for public libraries.  So last year we compiled a list of those titles.  As a magazine subscription agent who is dedicated to serving public libraries with all of their [...]

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