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The 5 Top Fashion Magazine Picks for Middle & High School Girls

But, like a lot of preteen girls, I also wanted to feel more mature. I wanted more than just books to keep my interest (though I have remained a voracious reader to this day). My sisters were several years older than me, and I wanted to do everything they did- including read fashion magazines. I would flip through the ones they let me read, pretending to be interested, but for the most part the articles were boring or didn’t seem to be speaking to me.

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Top 25 Library Blogs

  This post is from an article I wrote that was published in Library Work's "INFOcus." Top 25 Library Blots In June of 2012, Mashable Social Media published an infographic that had some staggering numbers about how much content is published to the web every [...]

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An Introduction To Rivistas Subscription Services

We've been knocking out webinars about Rivistas Subscription Services right and left!  One of the questions we always get asked is if we have the presentations recorded so they can be viewed on demand, so we decided to record our introduction webinar and make it [...]

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Things Are Not The Way They Used To Be

And when it comes to magazines and ordering magazines, should things be the way they have always been? Everything else has changed, could the process for securing your magazines be improved any at all? At Rivistas Subscription Services, we like to think we have improved the way magazines can be ordered and managed.

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When To Claim on Magazine Problems

As your subscription vendor, we're here to help you with any irregularities you may experience. The magazines come from the publisher and not from us, so we do not know if you are having problems with a certain subscription, so always feel free to let us know what's going on, and we'll be there to help get things back on track!

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