Rivistas Subscription Services – Introduction

An Quick Video Introduction

Specializing in public library and school library subscriptions, Rivistas Subscription Services is taking subscription management to a whole new level.  You’ll find our pricing impressive and our dedication to being the magazine agent of choice at the forefront of our mission.

When it comes to subscription management, Rivistas is the go-to magazine agent for your library.

Is buying & managing subscriptions for your library a hassle? Sign up for an account today and let us do the work.

Public Libraries

Whether you library has two subscriptions or two thousand, we can save you time and money.  Unlike other agencies, we specialize in subscription management for your type of library. Personal customer service and 45 years experience comes with every subscription. Let us help take the hassle out of managing your subscriptions.

School Libraries

Whether you are responsible for ordering for one school or an entire district, we can make the process a breeze.  We have all the titles you need, including local newspapers, regional publications and library specific magazines – we want to be your sole source for all-things-magazines.  You’ll fall in love with our top quality service!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  We want to provide the absolute best subscription service possible when it comes to ordering magazines and periodicals.  That’s why our focus is strictly public libraries and school libraries.  While utilizing automation and online services in an exciting new way, we also provide a personal, friendly and authentic interaction.

Get A Quote

Sign up for an account and begin building your own quote immediately.  Or send your list of titles to us and we’ll provide a proposal for you.  We are always happy to let you compare our magazine selection, cost and service with anyone.  We’re happy to provide a quote for a few subscriptions to several thousand. We save libraries money!

I knew you would have this resolved in no time!  My Outreach Department was Truly Impressed!–Val, Public Library Customer

I think what I like most about Rivistas is the customer service.  I can guarantee if I send an email to *Customer Service* I will have a response within 30 minutes (and most times shorter). –Tami, Public Library Customer