Results.  When you claim on a problem with a subscription, you want results.  And at Rivistas Subscription Services, we are very result oriented.  You do not need to feel like you are communicating with a wall or that nobody is trying to help.  We exist to help you with just this sort of thing!  While it would be nice if problems with subscriptions did not exist, we all know they do.  So why not work with a company that will get results and will provide speedy responses when you have problems?  You will see a BIG difference in the way we work for you.

Our online platform is a management system that is designed specifically for your type of library.  It is the quickest and easiest way to claim. It communicates with us exactly what is going on and goes straight into our internal system, allowing us to quickly communicate with publishers and resolve problems.  But sometimes it requires more than just a click of the button – so if you want to talk with one of our representatives, we are just a phone call away (800-277-5750).  And if you need to email us, is the place to go!  Whatever method you choose, we are here to listen, take action, get results and let you spend your time elsewhere.

Every account is assigned an experienced, knowledgeable, empowered and friendly customer service representative who is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

All account information is available online such as renewals, invoices, orders, claiming & management options.  But we know to excel at service a friendly and personal customer service experience is vital.  With Rivistas Subscription Services, you have the best online options while receiving top tier customer service.

The bottom line, when you need to claim, we get the results you are looking for!  This is truly one of the areas you will see Rivistas Subscription Services excel.

I knew you would have this resolved in no time!  My Outreach Department was Truly Impressed!–Val, Public Library Customer

I think what I like most about Rivistas is the customer service.  I can guarantee if I send an email to *Customer Service* I will have a response within 30 minutes (and most times shorter). –Tami, Public Library Customer