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Subscription Service For Public Libraries

Public libraries constantly change.  Publishers too!  Rivistas Subscription Services continuously hone our craft to make discovering new titles, selecting, ordering, managing and renewing your magazine collection quick and easy.  You’ll notice we are different!  You’ll see a difference in response time, results, pricing and appreciation.

Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best service in the marketplace.  We want you to be so impressed by the service you receive from us that you’ll wish you had found us years ago!

By focusing on your type of library, we are able to service your account with greater attention to detail and finesse.  You will see a difference in Rivistas Subscription Services!

Designed Just For Your Library

Your list of magazine titles ordered through Rivistas Subscription Services is always available from our Online Management System.  In addition to sending renewal forms to you annually, you also have access to your renewal list at any time online.   You can renew your collection online or by sending your order to us.  Always try to renew 6-8 weeks prior to expiration.

We take all of your subscriptions and combine them into one single invoice for you.  No additional invoices come throughout the year keeping your expenditures clean and simple.

Rivistas Customer Service contacts publishers directly by phone for all claims, missing issues, damaged issues and all others. We are the only agency that provides this level of contact and service. Our response time is by far the best of any agency.

Whether it’s a local newspaper, regional publication or an eclectic rare title most have never heard of, we do our best to ensure we’re your one source for subscriptions.  Getting a quote from us allows you see we can get the titles you desire.

As old titles cease and new titles come onto the scene, we make it easy for you to discover new titles.  We have national, regional and local titles your patrons are looking for.  If you can’t find a title you are seeking, just ask us to add it to our collection and we’ll contact the publisher and add it to our list of available titles.  E-mail service@rivistas.com to let us know of the title you would like for us to add.

We strive to provide all the needed information that will help you discover new titles and have informed decisions as you order your magazines.

When it comes to ordering, claiming, checking-in, reporting and renewing your titles, you’ll find our online account management system simple to use and a tool you will grow to love.  We could use words like “Robust,” “Up-to-date,” “Intuitive,” but those words are very overused when describing technology.  We like to keep things simple, but effective, for you.

We know people want something simple and easy-to-use so that’s what you’ll find with our online management system.

Behind technology and automation is a team of people waiting to help you and your library.  We use our online presence to make ordering, managing and renewing your subscriptions easy 24/7.  But what happens when you need direct contact with a real person?  You can call, email or even do a web meeting with someone on our team.

E-mail Service@rivistas.com or call 800-277-5750.  You’ll never find a group of people more excited and dedicated to providing excellent service than the team at Rivistas Subscription Services

We maintain an extensive replacement issue library that allows us to fill gaps in service.  We also work directly with publishers and retail outlets to help ensure any gap in service is filled as quickly as possible.  Even more effective is our ordering process that helps us almost eliminate break in service.  We do our best to prevent a gap in service from ever occurring.

When we provide a quote for your subscriptions, we provide the current price provided to us by the publishers.  We also make sure we have the current price of your titles at the time of invoicing.  So in both situations, you know we are providing the most current and up-to-date pricing possible.  Prices are subject to change at any time due to publisher demands.  That said, once you are invoiced, you will not receive an additional invoice or publisher price increase from us for magazines.

It’s important to us to always offer the most up-to-date information on the magazine titles we carry.  Leave the tiny details to us – we are here to make your job of ordering your favorite magazines easy and efficient.

We love magazines and have a strong passion to help public libraries and school libraries.  We are also very result oriented and simply want to be effective and successful in serving libraries.  Ordering magazines is the easy part, being a helping hand and resource to libraries is where the true dedication to service becomes apparent.  We want to be different – we want to be known as a subscription agency with a flare for service, help and effectiveness.

When transferring your orders from another agency to Rivistas Subscription Services, we assist in every step of the way – from start to finish.  You’ll be impressed by how easy we are to work with!

Getting a quote from us for your magazines is easy. We’ll be more than happy to put together a free quote for you.  Just create an account over to the right if you wish to receive a quote.  If you want us to prepare your quote for you, just send your list over to us.   If you want more details about the quote process, click here.

I think what I like most about Rivistas is the customer service.  I can guarantee if I send an email to *Customer Service* I will have a response within 30 minutes (and most times shorter).

Tami, Public Library Customer

I knew you would have this resolved in no time!  My Outreach Department was Truly Impressed!

Val, Public Library Customer

Wow!!! Their service can’t be beat!

Oregon Public Library

Incredible Response Time!! Love this company! Not only did I save some money by using their service, but it’s so much easier to place my order and renew through them. When working with their customer service, their response time is phenomenal They make us feel like our library matters to them.

Online Review

Very helpful with the subscriptions especially at renewal time. Thank you.Your Content Goes Here

Lynne, New York School Library

Thank you for always being so responsive to our needs! Happy New Year from (our library.)

Kristine, Public Library Customer

The customer support is always quick and friendly and prices are good, too.

Deborah, Public Library In MA

Great service! Love Rivistas, you guys make the process SO easy!

Julie, Public Library in Illinois

Thank you for your great service and prices! We at Our Lady of Grace are happy customers!!

Beth, Our Lady Of Grace

I’ve been working with Rivistas for about three years now and I can only say what great people they are to work with. Anytime our library had any type of magazine problem, Rivistas was quick to resolve it to great satisfaction. They stay on top of everything and make my job easier. The selection of publications is outstanding.

Online Review, Community Library

Using Rivistas has been so EASY – easy to order, renew, add titles, find the titles we want, the pricing structure, and most of all – the customer support. I really feel that we are getting a bargain with Rivistas for all they offer. In all my years of using jobbers, this has been the easiest.

Online Review, Public Library Customer

So refreshing to deal with a subscription service that is helpful and responsive. With a previous service it was always “we’re not responsible” for this or that, & “you have to call the publisher direct.” Rivistas acts as our representative and helps solve any questions or problems promptly.

Online Review, Public Library Customer

After changing to Rivistas, our library realizes that personal service is still alive! Whatever the issue, (ex: missing or damaged periodicals) a very timely response helps us to be able to provide our patrons with the service they deserve. Thank you Rivistas, we are very happy to be on-board with you!

Online Review, Public Library Customer

Love this company! Not only did I save some money by using their service, but it’s so much easier to place my order and renew through them. When working with their customer service, their response time is phenomenal They make us feel like our library matters to them.

Online Review, Another Happy Customer

I moved my subscriptions to Rivistas this past year and I’m so glad I did. Rivistas is a small, family-owned business that prides itself on its personal touch. Any time I’ve needed to email or call, I receive a quick, personal response. Their customer service is superior and, frankly, a breath of fresh air after dealing with large jobbers.

Online Review, High School Library

The staff at Rivistas is awesome! They work with you and they are very patient with you and your system for being paid. They are prompt in responding to emails and I am glad you can see your invoice online.

Beth, High School Library

Rivistas is so easy and helpful to work with! They make it so much easier ordering magazines.

Jennifer, Public Library Customer

Rivistas has been very easy to work with, and has provided quick answers to my questions. Being able to control my account and renewals online has been very helpful.

Shelly, Elementary Media Center

Rivistas has been easy to work with. When I was adding our smallish number of magazine subscriptions to our K-8 school library, when large vendors were unresponsive, Rivistas met our need. Their website is convenient. Their response is always immediate. Communication is always relevant, they do not fill my in-box with advertising (much appreciated!).

Online Review, K-8 School Library

Our library has been working with Rivistas for about two years now. We find them to be extremely responsive and helpful with our needs. Emails are answered in a very professional and timely manner and any problems that we have with our subscriptions are addressed same day. Bonnie is especially helpful to our library.

Cheryl, Public Library Customer

Rivistas offers a variety of titles at a discounted rate. The customer service is outstanding, and I feel good about working with a business that supports libraries.

Margaret, High School Library

Rivistas has been a wonderful service for our school. The students love reading the magazines, and Rivistas very easy to use.

Karin, Middle School Library

Your customer service is fabulous and my students enjoy the magazines!

Jessica, Middle School Library

Tony has been great to work with! Any problems we have had regarding issues not arriving, etc. have been dealt with in a prompt, courteous, professional manner. Our experience thus far with Rivistas has been smooth-going, and satisfactory.

Deborah, Public School System

Love Rivistas! Customer Service is superb and if any issue arises, no matter how small, it is taken care of quickly without any issues. Thank you for everything!! 🙂

Tina, Middle School Library

Easy to work and communicate with. Great customer service.

Online Review, Your Content Goes Here

Your response rate to fill missing issues is excellent. Whenever staff has had to call about any problems with the service it was resolved quickly in a professional manner.

Susan, Public Library Customer

Very happy with the selection, prices, and customer service. Thank you!

Michelle, Public Library Customer

Really speeds things up for us. Saves money in time and saves money in costs. I used another subscription service at other libraries, we changed to Rivistas and won’t be going back to the others. Prompt responses unlike the others!  Thank you!!

Rosalyn, Public Library Customer

Great service! We love the way Rivistas works with us, and we look forward to continuing business.

Online Review, College Library

Easy to work with. Clear pricing. Easy to update renewal list by deleting or adding titles. Enjoy working with Rivistas.

Barb, Public Library Customer

We have been with Rivistas for a few years and are glad we switched. Their prices were far less than what we had been paying and their customer service is excellent. Thank you!

Kate, Public Library Customer

We have worked with Rivistas Subscription Services for many years. It makes tracking our numerous magazine/newspaper/journal subscriptions easy and efficient. It is very easy to claim a missing/damaged/duplicate issue, and the staff is very timely in responding to those claims. They help to get them resolved quickly. As someone who is new to this check-in process, they are also very understanding if I accidentally claim something incorrectly. They are always very helpful and friendly in their exchanges!

Online Review, Public Library Customer

Rivistas has a large variety of titles, compatible prices, friendly and uncomplicated customer service, and a website easy to navigate. I have been ordering periodicals from Rivistas for five years now.

Claudia, School Library

This company is easy to work with and willing to help and answer questions when they arise. Their customer service is outstanding!

Justina, Middle School Library

Customer service is great, they always get back to me right away when I have a question. The website is easy to navigate and convenient to have.

Celine, Public Library Customer

Thanks so much for making this painless! I am enjoying your sunny approach!

Tiffany, School Library Customer

It’s been very easy working with your company. And I appreciate easy!

Jessica, Public Library Customer
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