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This post is from an article I wrote that was published in Library Work’s “INFOcus.”

Top 25 Library Blots

In June of 2012, Mashable Social Media published an infographic that had some staggering numbers about how much content is published to the web every single minute.  WordPress has 347 new blog posts published every single minute.  571 new websites are created every minute. Instagram users share 3,600 new photos every minute.  Tumblr blog owners publish 27,778 posts every minute.  There are 100,000 tweets tweeted per minute!  The amount of content around us is growing by leaps and bounds.  While keeping up with what is going on around us does seem like it would be easy, there are so many details to keep up with and hundreds of thousands of sources making it difficult to sort through it all.

Staying up-to-date with what’s going on in the library world seems impossible at times.  Technologies are changing, policies are changing, laws are changing, trends are changing and economic situations are changing.  Reading library blogs has turned into my Wall Street Journal of the library world.  But even within the library industry there are so many library blogs to choose from.  How do you sift through all of them?

This list is a list of twenty-five of my favorites library blogs which I feel provide good insight into current issues in the library world. Some provide a generous portion of humor along the way, too.  I’ve provided the name of the blog, the URL and the tagline of their blog to give some insight into the content.

The criteria for inclusion is my complete and total bias.  They are all blogs I enjoy, blogs that appear to have either a very solid following or blogs that I feel need some exposure.  I do enjoy humor, so I’ve included some quirky and fun blogs, too.  – putting the rarin back in librarian since 1999.
Free Range Librarian  – K.G. Schneider’s Blog on Librarianship, Writing, and everything else
Librarian In Black – Amazingly informed & therefore properly opinionated.
A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette– A Polite Librarian Is A Good Librarian
The Travelin’ Librarian – “You Two! We’re at the end of the universe, eh. Right at the edge of knowledge itself.  And you’re busy…blogging!” ~The Doctor, Utopia
Walt at Random library voice of the radical middle.
Libraryman -Libraries, Community, Technolgy and PEZ.  Last updated July 8th, 2011 – please come back!
Annoyed Librarian– The Annoyed Librarian is possibly the most successful, respected and desirable librarian of her generation.
Librarian On The Edge – Thoughts on library science from the Librarian who used to be known as “what’s his name?”
School Library Journal Blog Network  – SLJ Blogs
The Daring Librarian Ed-Tech Talk with Sweet Snarky Freshness!
The Boo Skunk Blog– Leaving readers confused at a higher level since 2005
Awful Library Books– If you need a good laugh, this is a must read!
Screwy Decimal– Tales from an Urban Librarian
Rivistas Subscription Services– Rivistas Subscription Services blogs about the magazine industry, company news and all things magazines.  This one is included because the author of the blog is also the one compiling this list and writing the article.  A little self promotion never hurt anyone, right?This is
What a Librarian Looks Like– Challenging the librarian stereotype one post at a time.
The Best of PubLib– Selections from the ListServ
The Adventures of Library Girl Won an award for being the best School Library Blog in 2012.
Eliterate Librarian experiences as a wannabe edtech geek and middle school librarian.
The Unquiet Library –– Not Your Mother’s Library. Your Library.
Bib 2.0 – Technology and the Indispensable Library
Librarian by Day – by Bobbi Newman – I’m not that kind of librarian.
PLA Blog– The PLA Blog – Official Blog of the Public Library Association.
Swiss Army Librarian– Or, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Fear and Loathing At A Public Library Reference Desk
richardkong – communities. libraries. technology.

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Bonnie Cribbs has worked in the magazine subscription industry for the past 24 years, serving libraries and their subscription needs along the way.  He is an amateur blogger, part owner of Rivistas Subscription Services and loves to spend time on his boat at the lake.

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Bonnie is a guy who is crazy about magazines. He sold his first subscription to Field & Stream at age 12 and has been practically selling magazines ever since. Working in the magazine industry since college, Bonnie has worked in school library sales, public library sales, publisher relations, customer service – all surrounding the magazine world. Bonnie is one of the partners of Rivistas and handles the PR & Marketing side of things.

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