An Introduction To Rivistas Subscription Services

We’ve been knocking out webinars about Rivistas Subscription Services right and left!  One of the questions we always get asked is if we have the presentations recorded so they can be viewed on demand, so we decided to record our introduction webinar and make it available on demand.  So this is it!

As a magazine and periodical subscription agent for public libraries and school libraries, we want to provide the best magazine service on the market.  So sit back and enjoy the 14 minute presentation.  When we do these live, we always have questions about services offered or specifics about how we would fit working with your library.  So if you have questions, please feel free to email me at .  Thanks for watching!

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About the Author:

Bonnie is a guy who is crazy about magazines. He sold his first subscription to Field & Stream at age 12 and has been practically selling magazines ever since. Working in the magazine industry since college, Bonnie has worked in school library sales, public library sales, publisher relations, customer service – all surrounding the magazine world. Bonnie is one of the partners of Rivistas and handles the PR & Marketing side of things.

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