Things Are Not The Way They Used To Be

I don’t write checks anymore because I pay all of my bills online. When I read a newspaper, I read it online.  When I balance my checkbook, it’s now on an app on my desktop and doesn’t require a calculator.  I pay my tab at food trucks on my phone and order movie tickets on my phone. I text, I tweet, I use facebook.  I Tivo any TV show that I watch.  Even the football games I watch are on the DVR so I can pause, rewind and save them.  Things are not the way they used to be.

In my former career, I was the VP of Sales & Marketing for another magazine agency.  Marketing is definitely not what it used to be – it doesn’t look the same, it doesn’t respond the same, it is much more dynamic now and much more interactive.  We buy from word of mouth suggestions and reviews, people share what they like.  Getting started in a business takes much more than throwing a few ads in a few industry publications.  Social Media is at the core of any solid marketing plan.  And sales are not the same.  The way people purchase services and learn about products doesn’t happen the same way that it did even ten years ago.  Most of my Christmas shopping was done online last year.  Even some of the food & groceries I consume are ordered online and delivered right to my doorstep.  Things are not the way they used to be.

And when it comes to magazines and ordering magazines, should things be the way they have always been?  Everything else has changed, could the process for securing your magazines be improved any at all?  At Rivistas Subscription Services, we like to think we have improved the way magazines can be ordered and managed.  We are in a very traditional industry, though ever-changing industry when it comes to process, procedure and what people are accustomed to.  So without a doubt, we have to respect that.  But what if we could just improve a few things here and there?  We like to think those little changes make a big impact in the way people experience our services and the value we can bring to their libraries. With Rivistas Subscription Services, things are not the way they used to be.

I like the way things have changed.  I like being able to be more responsive, and I like being able to provide a quick turn-around on quotes and orders.  I like being able to give people immediate access to the information most important to them.  I like being able to treat people as a person, and not as an account number.  I like the way our customers compliment us on our quick reply or even our helpful attitude.  It’s refreshing, it’s appreciated and we’re glad that things are not the way they used to be.

If I can help you with your magazine order, provide a quote for you, or if you are just interested in finding out some of the concrete ways are different, please feel free to contact me.  Call, email, or tweet at me.


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About the Author:

Bonnie is a guy who is crazy about magazines. He sold his first subscription to Field & Stream at age 12 and has been practically selling magazines ever since. Working in the magazine industry since college, Bonnie has worked in school library sales, public library sales, publisher relations, customer service – all surrounding the magazine world. Bonnie is one of the partners of Rivistas and handles the PR & Marketing side of things.

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