A Simplified Renewal Cycle

If you work in a public library, most likely you are approaching the time of year that your library works on the renewals for your magazine and periodical subscriptions.  For school libraries, many of you are hustling making last minute preparations before summer.   It's [...]

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Top 25 Library Blogs

  This post is from an article I wrote that was published in Library Work's "INFOcus." Top 25 Library Blots In June of 2012, Mashable Social Media published an infographic that had some staggering numbers about how much content is published to the web every [...]

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An Introduction To Rivistas Subscription Services

We've been knocking out webinars about Rivistas Subscription Services right and left!  One of the questions we always get asked is if we have the presentations recorded so they can be viewed on demand, so we decided to record our introduction webinar and make it [...]

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