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Congratulations!  You’ve just discovered a great new subscription service for your library!  And we are here to totally be of service to you. Check your email for the instructions on how to get a quote on your subscriptions and find immediate details below.  You are off to a great start in discovering an exceptional new subscription service for your library.

Pricing Solutions

Online Quotes

We start with an easy-to-use online quote system that allows you to get instant price quotes for your collection through our shopping cart interface. It works just like the e-commerce systems you’re used to but has the dedication of subscription management professionals to back up your magazine subscription purchases. If you have a small collection and want to save money fast, or you want to compare prices often, our quick quote system can’t be beat.**

How To Obtain An Online Quote
  • Sign up for an account
  • Navigate to the “Add Quote” menu
  • Use search to find titles and add them to your quote list
  • Submit your order online and pay with a credit card or send us a purchase order and we’ll invoice you later
  • Call 1-800-277-5750 or email with any questions

**Some available titles may not be listed online due to publisher restrictions**

By Email Or Fax

We want to make getting a quote as easy as possible, so if you have a list handy and ready for quote, you can email it to or fax it to 1-615-807-3304 and we’ll respond immediately.  Most people send us a renewal form, an old invoice, spreadsheet or word document.  If you do not submit a renewal form or invoice, please be certain to include your ship-to address, bill-to address and start dates.

Formal Bids & Request For Pricing

Rivistas Subscription Services has been doing formal bids and proposals for years and we are able to handle purchasing requests from any size library system or school district. You’ll get a prompt and professional response to your request in a neat and easy to read package and, as always, the management is available to respond to questions or make modifications to fit your organization’s needs.

Mailing Address
Rivistas Subscription Services
2824 Columbia Avenue
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