How To Get A Price Quote

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Thank you!

Check your email for the instructions on how to get a quote on your subscriptions and/or find the details below.

You are off to a great start in discovering an exceptional subscription service for your library.

Send Us Your List Of Titles

By Email Or Fax

We want to make getting a quote as easy as possible. If you have a list handy and ready for quote, you can email it to or fax it to 1-615-807-3304 and we’ll quickly respond.

Most people send us a renewal form, an old invoice, spreadsheet or word document.

If you do not submit a renewal form or invoice, please be certain to include your ship-to address, bill-to address and start dates.

Online Quotes

If you have a small collection and want to save money fast our quick online quote system can’t be beat.**

How To Obtain An Online Quote

  • Sign up for an account
  • Navigate to the “Add Quote” menu
  • Use search to find titles and add them to your quote list
  • Submit your order online and pay with a credit card or send us a purchase order and we’ll invoice you later
  • Call 1-800-277-5750 or email with any questions

**Some available titles may not be listed online due to publisher restrictions**

Formal Bids & Request For Pricing

Rivistas Subscription Services has been doing formal bids and proposals for years and we are able to handle purchasing requests from any size library system or school district. You’ll get a prompt and professional response to your request in a neat and easy to read package and, as always, the management is available to respond to questions or make modifications to fit your organization’s needs.

Mailing Address

Rivistas Subscription Services
2824 Columbia Avenue
Wilmington NC 28403
FAX 615.807.3304

Here's What Our Customers Say. . .

I think what I like most about Rivistas is the customer service.  I can guarantee if I send an email to *Customer Service* I will have a response within 30 minutes (and most times shorter).

Tami, Public Library Customer

I knew you would have this resolved in no time!  My Outreach Department was Truly Impressed!

Val, Public Library Customer

Wow!!! Their service can’t be beat!

Oregon Public Library

Incredible Response Time!! Love this company! Not only did I save some money by using their service, but it’s so much easier to place my order and renew through them. When working with their customer service, their response time is phenomenal They make us feel like our library matters to them.

Online Review

Very helpful with the subscriptions especially at renewal time. Thank you.Your Content Goes Here

Lynne, New York School Library

Thank you for always being so responsive to our needs! Happy New Year from (our library.)

Kristine, Public Library Customer

The customer support is always quick and friendly and prices are good, too.

Deborah, Public Library In MA

Great service! Love Rivistas, you guys make the process SO easy!

Julie, Public Library in Illinois

Thank you for your great service and prices! We at Our Lady of Grace are happy customers!!

Beth, Our Lady Of Grace

I’ve been working with Rivistas for about three years now and I can only say what great people they are to work with. Anytime our library had any type of magazine problem, Rivistas was quick to resolve it to great satisfaction. They stay on top of everything and make my job easier. The selection of publications is outstanding.

Online Review, Community Library

Using Rivistas has been so EASY – easy to order, renew, add titles, find the titles we want, the pricing structure, and most of all – the customer support. I really feel that we are getting a bargain with Rivistas for all they offer. In all my years of using jobbers, this has been the easiest.

Online Review, Public Library Customer

So refreshing to deal with a subscription service that is helpful and responsive. With a previous service it was always “we’re not responsible” for this or that, & “you have to call the publisher direct.” Rivistas acts as our representative and helps solve any questions or problems promptly.

Online Review, Public Library Customer

After changing to Rivistas, our library realizes that personal service is still alive! Whatever the issue, (ex: missing or damaged periodicals) a very timely response helps us to be able to provide our patrons with the service they deserve. Thank you Rivistas, we are very happy to be on-board with you!

Online Review, Public Library Customer

Love this company! Not only did I save some money by using their service, but it’s so much easier to place my order and renew through them. When working with their customer service, their response time is phenomenal They make us feel like our library matters to them.

Online Review, Another Happy Customer

I moved my subscriptions to Rivistas this past year and I’m so glad I did. Rivistas is a small, family-owned business that prides itself on its personal touch. Any time I’ve needed to email or call, I receive a quick, personal response. Their customer service is superior and, frankly, a breath of fresh air after dealing with large jobbers.

Online Review, High School Library

The staff at Rivistas is awesome! They work with you and they are very patient with you and your system for being paid. They are prompt in responding to emails and I am glad you can see your invoice online.

Beth, High School Library

Rivistas is so easy and helpful to work with! They make it so much easier ordering magazines.

Jennifer, Public Library Customer

Rivistas has been very easy to work with, and has provided quick answers to my questions. Being able to control my account and renewals online has been very helpful.

Shelly, Elementary Media Center

Rivistas has been easy to work with. When I was adding our smallish number of magazine subscriptions to our K-8 school library, when large vendors were unresponsive, Rivistas met our need. Their website is convenient. Their response is always immediate. Communication is always relevant, they do not fill my in-box with advertising (much appreciated!).

Online Review, K-8 School Library

Our library has been working with Rivistas for about two years now. We find them to be extremely responsive and helpful with our needs. Emails are answered in a very professional and timely manner and any problems that we have with our subscriptions are addressed same day. Bonnie is especially helpful to our library.

Cheryl, Public Library Customer

Rivistas offers a variety of titles at a discounted rate. The customer service is outstanding, and I feel good about working with a business that supports libraries.

Margaret, High School Library

Rivistas has been a wonderful service for our school. The students love reading the magazines, and Rivistas very easy to use.

Karin, Middle School Library

Your customer service is fabulous and my students enjoy the magazines!

Jessica, Middle School Library

Tony has been great to work with! Any problems we have had regarding issues not arriving, etc. have been dealt with in a prompt, courteous, professional manner. Our experience thus far with Rivistas has been smooth-going, and satisfactory.

Deborah, Public School System

Love Rivistas! Customer Service is superb and if any issue arises, no matter how small, it is taken care of quickly without any issues. Thank you for everything!! 🙂

Tina, Middle School Library

Easy to work and communicate with. Great customer service.

Online Review, Your Content Goes Here

Your response rate to fill missing issues is excellent. Whenever staff has had to call about any problems with the service it was resolved quickly in a professional manner.

Susan, Public Library Customer

Very happy with the selection, prices, and customer service. Thank you!

Michelle, Public Library Customer

Really speeds things up for us. Saves money in time and saves money in costs. I used another subscription service at other libraries, we changed to Rivistas and won’t be going back to the others. Prompt responses unlike the others!  Thank you!!

Rosalyn, Public Library Customer

Great service! We love the way Rivistas works with us, and we look forward to continuing business.

Online Review, College Library

Easy to work with. Clear pricing. Easy to update renewal list by deleting or adding titles. Enjoy working with Rivistas.

Barb, Public Library Customer

We have been with Rivistas for a few years and are glad we switched. Their prices were far less than what we had been paying and their customer service is excellent. Thank you!

Kate, Public Library Customer

We have worked with Rivistas Subscription Services for many years. It makes tracking our numerous magazine/newspaper/journal subscriptions easy and efficient. It is very easy to claim a missing/damaged/duplicate issue, and the staff is very timely in responding to those claims. They help to get them resolved quickly. As someone who is new to this check-in process, they are also very understanding if I accidentally claim something incorrectly. They are always very helpful and friendly in their exchanges!

Online Review, Public Library Customer

Rivistas has a large variety of titles, compatible prices, friendly and uncomplicated customer service, and a website easy to navigate. I have been ordering periodicals from Rivistas for five years now.

Claudia, School Library

This company is easy to work with and willing to help and answer questions when they arise. Their customer service is outstanding!

Justina, Middle School Library

Customer service is great, they always get back to me right away when I have a question. The website is easy to navigate and convenient to have.

Celine, Public Library Customer

Thanks so much for making this painless! I am enjoying your sunny approach!

Tiffany, School Library Customer

It’s been very easy working with your company. And I appreciate easy!

Jessica, Public Library Customer